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Nextage Realty - Income Calculators

Nextage Income Calculators

Bill Gates said to create the new standard, you need to create “something that’s really new and really captures people’s imagination,” and that’s what Nextage Realty International, LLC offers.  We’re helping franchisees and agents move from the “I” real estate era into the WE real estate age™.


Nextage Realty is a company that changes lives and futures. “The Nextage culture is rooted in the belief that Your success is Ours; therefore, WE must give in order to receive and always put you first.  WE passionately exceed expectations by committing to be our best. WE do the right thing at every turn and lead by example because actions speak louder than words.” 


When you join Nextage and make the move from the "I" of real estate to the "WE" of real estate, you'll find the possibilities simply multiply. Use the calculators below to see the income possibilities at Nextage Realty!




The Agent Calculator allows you to input a commission rate, average sale amount, number of closed sides and the number of agents that you bring into Nextage Realty to project your income in our business model. We are certain that you will find that the sales bonus income earned from your team grows quite quickly as you increase the numbers. Give it a try!    




The Franchise Income Calculator for brokers is a simplified tool provided to assist you in your independent calculation of the distribution of various commission splits and sales bonuses to be generated in connection with the operation of a Nextage franchise. Check it out!    


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